News and Updates

May 5, 2019, 08:30 AM EST

  • The average aggro radius for mobs in Vex Thal has been reduced by 40%, greatly reducing trains and aggro through floors.
  • Some named in Vex Thal have been rebalanced for fighting with bots.
  • Several custom quests and items have been added in various zones.

March 18, 2019, 05:45 PM EST

  • Glowing Astral items can be handed to the NPC named Dershaan Voidrunner in Plane of Knowledge in exhange for Epic 1.0 items. Hail the NPC for details.
  • Items have been upgraded across many zones, including several of the Epic 1.0 items.
  • Some of the harder bosses in Plane of Sky will now drop any of the zone quest items directly, in addition to normal loot tables.

March 15, 2019, 06:15 PM EST

  • Glowing Astral items will soon drop on most "raid" mobs, and some tougher named mobs, in most zones. These items are to be used in the alternate epic item turn in quest that is soon to be implemented. Don't delete them!
  • NPCs missing factions across multiple zones have been fixed.
  • New loot is being added to Plane of Mischief mobs / named.

March 12, 2019, 11:00 PM EST

  • There is a new NPC in Plane of Knowledge that rewards AAXP for no-drop items. Hail her for further details.
  • Named dragons in North Temple Veeshan have been moved to a 72 hour respawn cycle due to the overall difficulty in clearing it and spawning Vulak. Named in the other wings are still on a 24 hour respawn timer.
  • Respawn for named in several Luclin zones have been reduced.
  • Loot in Ahkeva and Grieg's end has been updated.
  • Faction hits in the Plane of Growth have been reduced considerably, and limited to Clerics of Tunare faction only.
  • Mobs in Plane of Hate will give a small faction increase for Clerics of Tunare when killed.

March 10, 2019, 08:30 PM EST

  • The final zones for Luclin are open: Vex Thal, Ssra Temple and Grieg's End.
  • Vex Thal does not require a key to enter, but only level 60 players may zone in.
  • The loot on the named in these new zones will be updated this week.
  • Bane weapons are not required to hit the bosses in Ssra Temple.

March 4, 2019, 10:30 AM EST

  • Splitpaw has undergone some revisions from testing feedback. The major diffrences are named will always drop loot, but now have placeholders (names spawn rates are usually around 35-40%). Non-named respawn rate is dropped to 15 minutes. The named mobs are tougher, with Jyrunax now much harder (loot is much better too). The 'Demonic' raid event mobs resists were tweaked slightly lower.
  • Level restrictions have been removed from all zones to prevent zone-loop bug. The NPC porters in PoK will still prevent porting to certain zones for low level characters, though.
  • Several items have been updated across multiple zones.

March 2, 2019, 8:30 PM EST

  • Splitpaw has been revamped with custom content and is available for play. Grab the custom models file and place in your EQ directory (back up old file!) Target player levels are 50-60. Melissa Teek can port you there directly from PoK.
  • All Luclin zones except for Vex Thal, Ssraeshza Temple and Grieg's End are open for playtesting. Please post feedback to Discord.
  • Veksar loot tables for named mobs are now properly implemented.

February 24, 2019, 12:00 PM EST

  • The following zones are now open for play testing: Shar Val, Paludal Caverns, Shadeweaver's Thicket, Hollowshade Moor, The Dawnshroud Peaks, Marus Seru, Sanctus Seru, The Crypt of Nadox, The Torgiran Mines. Please post feedback to Discord.

Latest Discovered Items

Earring of Quirkiness by Lianya
Cloak of Destruction by Lianya
Rune Smudged Bone Spear by Lianya
Gem of the Void by Lianya
Lucid Shard by Sydney
Goranga Warhammer by Sydney
Brittle Muscimol by Nondor
Shabby Rough Spell Scroll by Nondor
Crude Stone Flail by Skip
Gor Taku Earthcaller's Stone by Skip
Loda Kai Sleeves by Skip
Vambraces of the Untamed by Toxayk
Crude Stone Dagger by Skip
Makilu Hok by Skip
Holpa Mak Gor Takund by Skip
Holpa Mak Gor Hok by Skip
Horns of Fighting by Skip
Loda Kai Mail by Skip
Shadow Flame Handwraps by Sheba
Crude Bone Spear by Skip
Loda Kai Bracer by Skip
Loda Kai Leggings by Skip
Loda Kai Belt by Skip
Fist of Bone by Skip
Crude Stone Battle Axe by Skip
Crude Stone Bladed Spear by Skip
Topknot Headband by Toxayk
Muck Stained Tunic* by Slaagheap
Dragonrage Band by Hotti
Polished Velium Warsword by Frenzys
Polished Gear #2 by Nondor
Tump Stump by Nondor
Dragon Scales by Nondor
Sarnak Knight's Sword by Nondor
Sarnak Blood by Nondor
Trident of Freed Spirits by Nondor
Runed Morning Star by Frenzys
Ghastly Shawl of Pain by Sheba
Frost Giant Femur by Nondor
Coldain Head by Nondor
Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans by Nondor
Rodrick's Head by Nondor
Chipped Ruby by Nondor
Chipped Fire Opal by Nondor
Chipped Star Ruby by Nondor
Blood Spirit by Nondor
Rune of Fortune by Nondor
Beholder Optic Fluid by Nondor
Charred Bone Shards by Nondor
Priceless Velium Brawl Stick by Frenzys
Coral Trident by Taban
Bracelet of Lost Souls by Malignimp
Tserrina's Whip by Malignimp
Tserrina's Staff by Malignimp
Tserrina`s Robe by Malignimp
Ceremonial Wedding Sword by Malignimp
Dark Taint by Malignimp
Boar Hide Shield by Malignimp
Shawl of Ice by Hotti
Sturdy Wrapped Bow by Malignimp

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