The Ashen Vendetta Server Play Guide

Ashen Vendetta was a high level raid guild on the Innoruuk Server that dominated from Kunark through Planes of Power. This server was created by a few of the founding members of that guild that played from release in 1999 until around 2004.

The Ashen Vendetta server is for casual players that like to raid and hate the grind. It's a server that will give nostalgia feels without a big time commitment. Players can make it from a fresh level 1, to end game content (currently Velious and Luclin) in a week or two - thanks to accelerated leveling and bots.

Some important things to consider before playing on this server:

The Plane of Knowledge is the general game "hub". Many new NPCs exist to support play, including armor and weapons vendors for bots, as well as food, bags and potion vendors for players. There are also vendors that can port you to select dungeon/raid zones, but remember the standard Knowledge Portal stones work for free!

Use the command #custom to get a list of custom commands. There are only a few at this time, but they are helpful.

Custom files (place into your EQ client directory, make sure you back up the original file first!)

Map files (place into your EQ client directory/maps directory, make sure you back up the original file first!)

AV server uses the original Nektulos and Lavastorm zones. To get them to display properly, do the following:
Delete or rename the following files inside your Everquest directory:


We've had a small, dedicated group playing for months. They know the "ins and outs" of the server. Don't hesitate to ask then questions or make requests. Many of the quality of life improvements came from player ideas, questions and requests.

Last Updated May 17, 2019